Making Rental Income from a Secondary Residence

Couple receiving keys


It’s the time of the year when we list down all our goals and dreams. How are we going to achieve our dreams and goals? Do we need money, people, more time..? Let’s start with what most people seems to want more of… Money.

What is your investment portfolio going to contain this year?

  • Business
  • Shares
  • Property
  • Lending

Some of the world’s most renowned investors say to diversify your portfolio. Therefore not having all of your eggs in one basket ‘so to speak’.

But what is the best Investment to consider this year?

Making Rental income from a secondary residence is one idea. At The Pod we believe that investing in property is one of the best solutions to growing wealth and your portfolio.

We list down top 5 reasons why, if you have land, should you will consider building a Pod and having a rental property in your portfolio.

1.    Income

When we say income it means continuous cash flow. Everyone needs shelter to live in and as you may have heard from Channel 9, Canberra’s rental market is booming and it’s more expensive to rent in Canberra now then it is to rent in Sydney. There is high demand in 2019 and it will only grow in years to come when more infrastructure and more people move to the nation’s capital. It’s exciting to see the growth from the last ten years, can you image the next ten? WOuldn’t you like income for the main property and live in somewhere modern and upmarket like a Pod in the backyard?

2.    Less supervision – Less time to Manage

Having a secondary residence with a DA approval meant you can rent it out legally to any real estate agent, therefore creating less stress for you to manage two properties on one block. Your agent will check if your tenants need anything as well as separate the water and electricity costs as on a Pod you have a separate dials showing the usage of each property on the block .

3.    You have the right to choose whom you have in your investment

Yes, you can choose whom you want to give the keys of your property. Tip: You can have a long term tenant this way you can avoid turnovers, right? We highly reccomend a realestate agent to do the appropriate checks and handle the tenants so it takes the pressure off you, it’s worth the fees in our eyes.

4.    Good Profit

We invest because we want money, we want money to look after ourselves, significant other, family and friends, we want to do that because it feels good and makes us happy.

They say money can’t buy happiness and they are right in the long term, but the opportunities it can provide though can be priceless moment that could make you happy. Also having more money means less stress on the house hold. A continuous cash flow from a rental property is no question. Especially when it’s using land from another property you or a family member owns. Firm and fix monthly income is what you can look forward to.

5.    Lastly and the greatest part – Freedom!

Building something on your own will build your self esteem and pride. Whether its a investment portfolio or a wooden table, if you make it you and those around are impressed. You make your own future, no one can tell you what to do unless you let them. As we mentioned in number four, having more finances means less stress and potentially more fun. Therefore creating more freedom in your life to travel, take up hobbies ad be with those who you really care about.  

Remember being successful through your own supervision, decisions, abilities, ideas and effort is unremarkable feeling – fulfilling.

What are you waiting for? Get going, and start your Investment portfolio with a Pod!

Consult your accountant and financial adviser prior to engaging in any investment options as VRD and The Pod Canberra is not responsible for any actions you decide after reading our material.