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Kit & Modular Homes vs. Built-On-Site

So, you’re looking into building your secondary home on your backyard and realized that there are different types of building structures being offered at vastly different costs. Now you’re a little confused? We don’t blame you at all. We get a number of inquiries about Kit Homes, Modular Homes, and built-on-site secondary residences in a […]

Disability Rules for Secondary Residences in Canberra ACT

Many people are interested in putting a secondary house onto their property. Some people want a studio and others love the idea of having an extra 2 bedrooms on their backyard. Common reasons for a secondary residence are for investment, accommodation for grandparents, and separation from growing children. Investors get a Pod to rent out […]

Decorating your home this Christmas

living room with gifts under christmas tree, fireplace, white wall of the house, white socks

Christmas season is one of the most celebratory time of the year. The season engages the whole world with love, kindling everyone’s heart with the fire of generosity. The warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer together. But expensive decorations hinders our wonderful ideas in celebrating this season. We will give you a new […]