These are the two most asked questions that we recieved on a daily basis. What do we include and what our prices are. We are processing a blog which helps you to understand the costs involved and we also will send you an inclusions list as the detail are far greater then what we can put online. To put it simply we will handle the entire process from you wanting a solution to us giving you the keys and you move in.


The Pod uses high-quality products at an efficient price. We focus on locally based suppliers and we have a great team that makes a usually complicated and timely process faster and more accurate as possible. Our Pods generally have: 15 years of warranty on the tapware, 20-year structural guarantee, 90 day builder defect period and more.

We are a one-stop shop and try to make it as seamless and easy for our clients as possible. If you need anything repaired or replaced, it is a simple and easy process.

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Please note that our prices and inclusions may change over time without notification.