What is a Granny Pod?

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Granny Pod: What you need to learn about the modern granny flat

Are you looking for ways to live close to your loved ones but not under the same roof because you want to keep your privacy and independence? Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) or usually identified as Granny flat which we call ‘The Pod’ is the best option for you.

You are about to learn what the pod is, why you have to get one, and what you need to do to build one. You can contact companies that offer granny flat construction and services, like The Pod Canberra. They employ builders who are experts in what they do – they can help you achieve a quality secondary house.


What is Granny Pod?

Granny Pod is a ‘small’ residence in the backyard of a primary family residence, designed for one or two elderly folks. Modern granny flats are recommended these days because of its high-tech features. Granny Pod is an alternative solution for putting elderly parents in homes who may not need it yet or don’t want strangers to care for them.


Why Granny Pod?

Granny pod is worthwhile for seniors and their families. They are fabricated to benefit the elderly providing a  less expensive option with more comfortable living. Here are some of the great reasons why you should choose a granny pod.

Closer family relationship

Granny Pod is a long-term care facility that helps families and seniors become closer together.

Effective Emergency plan

Seniors can quickly get help from their children or relatives in case of emergencies. Also, it will be easier for older children to monitor the situation of their parents or in-laws if they live within the same property. It will just be a few steps away to check them. The Pod Canberra can easily provide an intercom from the main residence to the Granny Pod for easy communication between the households.

Privacy and independence

While some women may feel dejected about the granny house, it is worth knowing that many women who currently occupy a granny flat in Canberra are greatly satisfied and thinks that they have made a sound decision to take it. They appreciate the privacy and independence that they have with a granny pod.  They can do anything they want to do without anyone interrupting. They get to feel free on how they want to organize their space. It is a traditional name created by society and may not be relevant in today’s society and meaning but we mean The Granny Pod in no way only for the Granny, it’s also perfect for the Grandpa or older generations without children.

Small and self-sustaining

Granny Pod designs and structures are well-planned for seniors. Hence, they have the right size of space for them. Since granny pods are smaller than the ordinary house, it will be convenient for the seniors to keep it orderly and cozy.

Quick and cost-effective.

Spend less money and time travelling to visit families. Granny pods only require a one-time fee which is cheaper compared to the lump sum of money that you will spend in home-care for elders, plus it is adding to the value of the current residence providing you with a greater sale price in future or potential equity in the property

Modern and safe

Modern granny flats are high-tech. They have motion detectors and can have security equipment for the safety of the home. Bathrooms can be completely disability approved with a wheelchair accessible toilet, have grab bars for support and wider doorways. They have high-end air conditioning and heating to warm up or cool down quickly. Plus It has wireless data transmission (wifi) and access to Foxtel.

Healthy emotional state

The decline of quality in life in older adults can be due to homesickness. When elders feel abandoned, they are more likely to get depressed. They become prone to health problems like heart illnesses and increased risk of earlier death. Living near your families and spending time with them more often will give you healthier well-being.


How can you get a Granny Pod?

Construction of Granny Pod requires approval from ACTPLA but worry less because The Pod Canberra is a company that is always ready to assist.

Contact them now to hire one of the best The Pod- granny flat builders. Enjoy the benefit of investing your money in a long term investment that will pay off in the long run. Also, being nearby your youngsters and grandkids for care and friendship while keeping your security and freedom.

All information stated above is general in nature. Also, please contact your physician or doctor in order to make sure a Granny Pod is right for you.